the society board:

Brigitte Nagel , Chairwoman; also in charge of the Antibes link

Dr. Lukas Schachner , Deputy Chairperson, in charge of the links to Barnsley and Bethlehem

Robert Abzieher , Deputy Chairman, in charge of the Faenza link

Uschi Stöhr , in charge of the Hungary link

Ingrid Schnierer , Secretary

Beate Franke , Treasurer

Karin Rauscher , Town Councillor

Erwin Maas , in charge of Internet activities & web-master

The presidents of our twin town partner associations:
- Antibes: Wolf Burg, Président d’Antibes Jumelages
- Barnsley: Tony Swales, chairman of the Barnsley-Schwaebisch-Gmuend Twin Town Society (BSGTTS)
- Bethlehem , Pennsylvania, USA: Bruce Johnson, Bethlehem-Schwaebisch-Gmuend Sister City Association (BSGSCA)
- Székesfehérvár: Erzsébet Igári, Rózsa ut.1
- Faenza: Rebnato Avato, presidente dell’assoziazione gemellagi

The philosophy or the meaning of town twinning

„Town twinning is twinning people“ – this is how the late Arthur Williams (+1998), mayor of Barnsley, popularized the idea of town twinning.
Working and participating in the twin town relationship is working for a Europe of and for the common people. The road to personal friendship starts with first contacts across the borderlines of the social strata, the generations, the sexes, the clubs and associations, the denominations, the professions, the political parties etc.
Additionally oneself – but also one’s children – take pride in learning and practising their neighbour’s language.

Which are the activities of the twin town association? It is for our mutual benefit.

On a regular basis, i.e. annually – we visit our twin town friends and receive their reciprocating visit in the following year. We are committed to organising a special, motivating visitor’s programme for them.
We share our homes with our friends, as they share them with us. This is the best way to become mutually familiar with one’s everyday life, culture and mentality.
We support schools in their efforts to cultivate twin town contacts.

How do you get more information about the association outside this homepage?

Monthly members meet in their favourite pub “Krone” (The Crown) in the suburb of GD-Straßdorf. Here they socialize, exchange ideas and information.
There is a list of appointments…………….(click here)… The local newspapers (Gmünder Tagespost; Rems-Zeitung) give regular reports about what is going on in our five twin towns.